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The Hunit Foundation

Working For All. Belonging To None.

As a financial service provider for the decentralized economy, we re-evaluated how our stakeholders take part.

Firstly, our goal was to offer our stakeholders a financial instrument that combines capital appreciation, regular cashflow, low volatility and asset backing – a combination only possible via our own smart security, issued and managed via our own platform.

As an issuer of our own smart security (non-public), we wanted to avoid the common structure of having multiple classes of financial stakeholders – typically equity holders and token holders combined in a single vehicle. Our reasoning was that if our investors are token holders but our management or founding team are equity holders, it was a certainty that a decision would need to be made that would either benefit equity interests or token interests – but not both.

We decided that the only sustainable and equitable structure is one based on a single class of interest and that the organization itself should exist for the fulfillment of a purpose, not the maximization of shareholder interests.

We therefore created the Hunit Foundation, an ownerless Maltese entity, which has issued its own (non-public) smart security program to manage its beneficiaries.