Stakeholder Information


Launching Mid-2019

The Hunit Foundation is preparing to launch its services mid-2019.

Right now we’re finalizing our autonomous investor rights enforcement technology, developing smart security programs for our first financial services clients and finalizing our regulatory structures.

The Hunit Foundation is regulated under EU legislation and subject to the review, audit and approval of the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA) (*pending).


Retail / Accredited (Qualified)


The Hunit Foundation is preparing to offer some smart security programs that are geared towards and (pending regulatory approval) accessible to retail investors that reside in the European Union. Additionally, some future smart security programs may instead be available only to Accredited (Qualified) Investors. At such time as a compliant smart security offering is available, the Hunit Foundation will make such availability known.



A guiding principle has been that securities offered via the Hunit Foundation should meet the needs of institutional investors eager to enter this growing market but have, to date, refrained due to poor asset quality or lack of regulatory oversight. Please get in contact to start a dialogue with the Hunit Foundation; the interest we’ve received has been substantial and we’d like the opportunity to demonstrate to you why.



Do you represent or market investment products to investor groups? A relationship with the Hunit Foundation will provide a steady pipeline of high quality smart security opportunities from innovative, compelling issuers. Have in-house ideas for a smart security programs? A relationship with the Hunit Foundation offers a market leading platform to quickly turn ideas into action.