Our services

Financial Services for a Decentralized Economy

The Hunit Foundation is a clean-sheet re-imagination of what a financial service provider looks like in a decentralized economy. We provide the services and platforms needed for companies seeking to issue and manage truly revolutionary investment instruments.


smart security (security token) Conception and planning

We help potential issuers structure, model and test smart security programs for the needs of their business or project. We also share best practices and help determine optimal investor rights commitments, enforcement structures and smart contract authoring.

issuing smart securities

Our leading, Stellar blockchain based token-issue platform and the Foundation’s EU common market applicable regulatory positioning (*pending finalization) enable efficient emissions of technologically sound smart securities. Our syndication network helps issuers market to interested investors and to reach their funding goals.


post issue smart security management

Our platform includes important (and often overlooked) post-issue smart security management features such as reporting interfaces, automated distribution of periodic payments to token holders (dividends, royalty-payments, etc.) and liquidity-enabling market making algorithms (*some post-issue features still in development). Our goal is to be a valuable partner to smart security issuers throughout the lifespan of their programs.

investor onboarding and relationship management

Our smart securities platform provides business-critical investor onboarding and relationship management functionalities. From investor onboarding, regulatory compliant KYC / AML checks, investor class management (retail, accredited investors, institutional buyers) through to receiving and clearing investments into smart security programs, we provide an important on and off-ramp for investors into Stellar-based smart securities.