The Hunit Group


building the technology to enable a new economic environment

We’re a financial technology group made up of entrepreneurs, early stage business developers and practical dreamers.


Our structure

Hunit AS (and its subsidiaries) is a privately held Norwegian financial technology company with headquarters in Oslo. However, we have team members and contributors located throughout Europe and North America.

Hunit AS’ mission is to invent and develop the technologies and intellectual property that we’ve identified as missing in the path towards a well-functioning decentralized global economic environment.

We commercialize our technology and intellectual property through licensing agreements and joint venture structures with recognized leaders in specific sectors.


the role of the hunit foundation

We created the Hunit Foundation for three reasons:

  1. To showcase our technology in a financial services environment

  2. We love developing, packaging and marketing deals - we've been looking for something like our smart securities platform for a long time

  3. As a case study in best practices for how a financial services provider operates in a decentralized economic environment

As described more fully elsewhere on this site, the Hunit Foundation is an ownerless organization that exists to create value for its tokenized beneficiaries. We’ve structured the Foundation with long term goals in mind, which means that our plan is to get it rolling and let it take on its own life.


applying our technology

Our technology and patents extend far beyond the financial services space and are poised to bring about disruptive innovation in a number of industries.

We’ve identified a plurality of opportunities within mature sectors where our technology can enable new, more efficient work flows or provide significant operational efficiencies in high-transaction volume business models.

For uses of our technology outside of general financial services (as provided by the Hunit Foundation), we have or seek to partner with established sector leaders.


our ambition

Each major wave of innovation sets up a new group of incumbents.

Microsoft and Bill Gates took the top spot in personal computing – its unlikely that a startup today will make its fortune by out-competing Microsoft (or Apple) on their terms in the market that they helped define. Future opportunities are made by innovations that change the rules.

Going back further in time – railroads, banking, oil, automobiles – these industries have small groups of incumbents that, to a large extent, can trace its lineage back to ideas and companies that made an impact at the dawn of their industry.

We believe that we are at the start of such a window of opportunity, as distributed ledger technology creates the technological foundation that underpins a move towards a decentralized economic environment. While this decentralized environment will co-exist with existing market structures, it will provide new, as yet unimagined tool sets, new opportunities for economic transactions and will alter global perceptions of ownership, investment, market function and rights enforcement.

Our ambition is to create the technologies and the applications that help usher in that new reality and, in so doing, establish Hunit (as a group and a Foundation) as a lasting contributor to it.

We have checklist of market behaviors, structures and business models that we aim to obsolesce along the way. Get in contact if you want to be a part of our undertaking.


Personal computing: Microsoft

Online commerce: Amazon / Alibaba

Social media: Facebook

Personal devices: Apple

Enterprise SaaS: Salesforce